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We don’t just shoot. We learn about your company, your goals, and who you are. We are focused on creativity and storytelling to create fun and engaging videos that stand out. We are experts in the process of filmmaking, working with over 50+ National and Local companies including Honda, Enterprise Rent-A-Center, Regency Theaters, and Heinz. Our videos have garnered 25+¬†million views and have been featured on websites, social media platforms and broadcast television. Whether you need a national commercial or a short, fun video for social media we can create a plan that matches your needs.

The Process


Clear goals are set.

We plan and execute strategies to create videos that engage audiences and help you reach your goals.


We bring the project to life.

Now it’s time to go out and shoot it. Our team of video production experts work together to bring the project to life.


The story is pieced together.

Effects, colors, and motion graphics are pieced together to make sure your video has a clear message and stands out.

We Love What We Do

Lunch Break Pro was created simply because we enjoy making videos. We love learning about unique people and the companies and products they make. We combine creativity with goal oriented objectives to create videos that actually work


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